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Hi everyone, thanks for hanging in there. I haven't done any new videos in awhile -- I've switched computers and am currently trying to rip all the episodes of Firefly again. A long and tedious task and about the only time I'm actually glad that there are only 13 episodes. Anyway, slow going. I've stopped by to share some re-uploads as per request.



I'm very sorry to admit that somewhere in the switch from my old computer I haven't used in three years to the new one which is already outdated I have lost one of my videos. HEAR YOU ME. If anyone has a copy of it on their computer I would very much appreciate it if they would upload the file for me and the few people who have requested it. Thanks! 

See ya in another life brotha's! 
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Falling Slowly and Answer

Falling Slowly

Title: Falling Slowly
Artist: Glen Hansard (from the Once Soundtrack)
Fandom: Lost -- Desmond/ Penny
YouTube Link: here
Dowload it
Note: This is a brand new video that I've worked very hard on the last couple weeks, I am feeling so much Des/Pen love since this season started and now that I know Penny isn't dead SO HAPPY. Let this be a testiment.


Title: Answer
Artist:: Sarah Mclachlan
Fandom: Lost -- Desmond/ Penny
YouTube Link: Here
Putfile Link: Here

Note: This one is a bit older, but it seems I never posted it

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Harry Potter - Goodbye

<artwork forthcoming>

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry, Sirius, not Harry/Sirius, Harry, Sirius.
Song: Goodbye - Stabbing Westward
Notes: I have been working on this vid ever since I read the fifth book... a conciderably long time. It's been re-invented many many times but I always planned on using this song for this subject. Sirius Black = love people. 

trying something new here:

Link: youtube
A yousendit/megaupload link will follow before too long.

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Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Desmond/Penny
Song: Swans by Unkle Bob
Notes: I spelt Unkle Bob wrong in the credits. I suck. However- I worked pretty hard on the vid and quite like it, I had to search high and low for clips and surprisingly didn't find a whole lot of help, but thanks to lost Video Island for the clips I did manage to wrangle. 


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Bright and Shiny Captain

SOOO got a lap top for my 18th Birthday which means I now have my vidding capabilites back!!!! YAY!!! all I need now are songs, lots of songs, so if you have a song you would like to see made into a vid, preferably firefly, PLEASE upload it and drop me a link!!! YAY!

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Trouble Brewing

I'm afraid that I am being forced to go on a bit of a vidding hiatus- I have three or four in the works but something has gone terribly wrong with my computer, WMP is no longer working- and at the same time WMM craps out- every time I open it it says to me 'class not registered' and it won't open any of the files it used to. I have no computer fixing skill- but I'm trying my best. If anyone knows any LJ coms that could help me, or any sites, I would be grateful. 
Until then- expect a great deal of silence.
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(no subject)

Title: transatlanticism
Artist:Death Cab for Cutie
Fandom: LOTR, Arwen/Aragorn 
Notes: Yes- I've already done a vid to this song- but while making it I sudenly thought - Aragorn and Arwen! so had to do one for them too. This time I used the song in its entirety which is pretty fun- these two are so pretty. 
duration: 7:45
youtube link
yousendit link - new march 24th 07
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(no subject)

Im looking for someone who could download and send me the song "Freedom" by Tegan and Sarah!! if anyone could i would greatly appreciate it and would promise them a video within the month <3